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1. I stayed up last night to watch Ok GO on Jimmy Kimmel last night. Of course, they were awesome, but they looked and sounded kind of... tired. Damien Kulash always looks a little half lidded, but i think his eyes were swollen shut last night. Wierd.

2. I'm on a giant Cocorosie kick right now.. I'm actually listening to them more then Ok GO. I need to get another one of thier albums.

3. Who wants to go pawn shop shopping with me this weekend? I need to see if i can score some cheap mics and headphones. I understand that somtimes musicians pawn thier stuff becasue they're addicted to all sorts of things, and maybe I'll get lucky.

4. I still respect but am no longer moved by (and in some cases no longer enjoy) the following bands: The Postal Service, The Decemberists, The Shins, The Dresden Dolls. Eh, give it time.
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