Everyone Else (moonferret) wrote,
Everyone Else

Too sane to be chubby, not crazy enough to be thin...

I discovered last night that I have lost close to fifteen pounds since the last time I checked my weight. This kind of wigged me out.

I never actively changed my lifestyle so it's hard for me to imagine how it happened. It also bothers me that I never made the connection between having to tighten my belt and being able to share clothes with my friends and actually shedding those unsightly pounds and inches.

So what's going on here? I have a few theories:

1: I'm anorexic with the slowest onset of the disorder EVER encountered.

2: I have some kind of horrible terminal disease that causes me to lose weight.

3: Aliens took my tummy in some kind of "beautify the universe/feed the poor on Aloxanon 4" campaign.

Take your pick, dudes. I'm gonna order a friggin pizza.
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